Environmental policy

Ice Explorers’ environmental policy puts Icelandic nature first. After all, one of Ice Explorers’ main purposes is to serve foreign visitors who come to the country and want to see with their own eyes untouched and clear nature. And the retreat of glaciers that has occurred due to climate change

This environmental policy is alive. And adapted if necessary.

We will also listen to any suggestions on what could be done better. It would be best to send them to our email ice@explorers.is. We want to be proud of our environmental policy.

In order to implement this policy, we have a number of points in mind.

  • Employees get acquainted with the company’s environmental policy and are educated about it.
  • Employees will be invited to talk to each other and come up with ideas for improved environmental policy.
  • Employees then need to educate our guests about dealing with nature.
  • And we need to be a model for our guests in environmental matters. This is how people see that it matters to us. And even something leaves behind after they leave us.

Things like:

  • Take all rubbish back.
  • Adjust intrusion in sensitive areas.
  • No off-road driving.
  • Educate people about how clean Icelandic energy is. Wind energy, hydropower and high temperature energy.
  • Our cars are big and heavy. They’re on big tires. With high air resistance. Emphasis will be placed on some form of eco-driving.

What does that mean?

By driving slower, be at the lightest speed for the machine to work at (60-70 km / h). By doing so, we are not just reducing emissions. Tire wear decreases. Brakes and so on.

We carbon offset all driving at the company. Through Kolviður Iceland carbon fund – www.kolvidur.is

Other things that employees need to consider regarding day-to-day operations.

  • Keep our trucks tidy.
  • Preventive maintenance of our trucks.
  • If there is a suspicion of an oil leak or infection in our cars, that car will be taken out of service immediately and repaired.
  • Suitable use of soaps and oil purifiers. Try to use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • After the day, the cars are disinfected on the inside.
  • Do not use the trucks more than necessary.
  • Cars will not be left idle unnecessarily. Any deviations will be allowed due to special circumstances such as weather. Prevent fog on windows so that driving can be considered safe.
  • Regularly change all oils and filters on cars so that everything runs smoothly.
  • All oils drained from the cars must be disposed of in specially made waste oil barrels.
  • All waste from the operation is sorted. We also try to get as little unnecessary waste as possible if we can avoid it.
  • If a pollution accident occurs due to us traveling within Vatnajökull National Park, it must be reported immediately to the national park rangers. 
  • Follow all the instructions and suggestions that Vatnajökull National Park gives us.